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PEC Pilates Classes

The Equinox Pilates Studio is located at  Pacific Equestrian Center

Pilates for Riders 

Work off the horse to improve your riding!

Pilates focuses on CHANGING HOW YOUR BODY MOVES. It makes you aware of and corrects muscular imbalances that lead to postural misalignment.

Pilates works because new patterns of movement are learned that carryover to horseback. You'll be better able to execute the movements and position that your instructors asks for.

Build a strong foundation by strengthening your core stabilizing muscles and learn to use your arms and legs independently from your seat. 

Would you like to:

  • Create a deeper seat. 

  • Make your legs independent.

  • Increase leg and body length. 

  • Avoid collapsing and bouncing in the saddle. 

  • Hold jumping form. 

  • Absorb your horse’s movement. 

  • Be confident and safe.


Pilates is similar to riding in that many exercises involve asymmetrical movements on a moving platform for carry-over effect.

Is one of these picture you?

These are typical forms in all styles of riding - which one would you like to be?





With Pilates


You'll build a strong core, while increasing strength and flexibility. Pilates also emphasizes smooth, flowing movement, and proper breathing. Become aware of where your body is in space and how best to control its movement.


  • Lengthens spine and strengthens deep core muscles which creates a stable base allowing arms and legs freedom of movement. 

  • Enhances suppleness of lower back allowing the rider to easily follow the horse’s movements for a more comfortable ride. 

  • Improves strength in upper back allowing the rider to maintain correct posture.

  • Corrects muscular imbalances and postural misalignment. 

  • Improves coordination making it easier to use subtler cues. 

  • Sculpts a sleeker stronger body with increased flexibility, balance and coordination for better body control.

Questions? Call Megan at 916-548-6948 or email at

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